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Private Salon S.Nail プライベートサロン エスネイルプライバシーポリシー・利用規約

privacy policy

Private Salon S.Nail Private Salon S.Nail (hereinafter referred to as “this salon”) has established a personal information protection policy as follows, established a personal information protection system, and made all employees aware of the importance of personal information protection. We will promote the protection of personal information.

Management of personal information

This salon maintains and maintains a security system and provides employee education to keep the customer's personal information accurate and up-to-date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of personal information. We take necessary measures such as thoroughgoing security measures and implement strict security measures for personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information received from customers will be used for sending e-mails and materials as a response from our salon to communications, business guidance and questions.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

This salon properly manages personal information received from customers and does not disclose personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

<With customer consent>

When we disclose to a company that outsources the business to perform the service desired by the customer

<When disclosure is required by law>

Security measures for personal information

This salon takes all possible security measures to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.

Inquiry of the person

If a customer wishes to inquire, correct, or delete their personal information, we will confirm their identity and respond.

Observe and review laws and regulations

This salon will comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other standards applicable to personal information held, review the content of this policy as appropriate, and strive to improve it.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information at this salon, please contact the following.

Terms of service

Private Salon S.Nail Private Salon S.Nail recognizes that the handling of personal information received from you is kept in a safe place in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.
By using this service, you are agreeing to the following "Terms of Service".

【Definition of nail salon guide】

This salon is a general term for websites and systems that create websites that provide company and store information and related services on the Internet operated by this site.
The person who uses the nail salon guide is responsible for the contents of the information entered in the nail salon guide.

【Scope of Terms of Service】

These Terms of Use apply to all services provided by this salon.

【Changes to terms of service】

These Terms of Use are subject to change without notice for any reason.

【Service change / stop】

The salon may change or suspend services for any reason without notice.
This salon does not take any responsibility for users, other users, and third parties for service changes and suspensions.
The salon does not guarantee the quality of the services provided and does not assume any liability for service interruptions, defects or any losses or damages caused by them.

【Limitation of liability】

The salon does not assume any liability for the use or misuse of the service.
We are not responsible for any software, hardware or other damages caused by using this salon.
This salon is not liable for any use of the nail salon guide, or for any reason, the use of the nail salon guide, or for any damage arising from the use of this salon.

【Prohibited matter】

Users are not allowed to perform the following acts at this salon
・ Act of registering and providing false information
・ Acts that violate all legal rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, and portrait rights of third parties.
・ Acts that slander individuals or our salon
・ Acts that violate laws and regulations, public order and morals, or acts that may cause such acts
・ Acts such as providing information for the purpose of profit using information obtained at this salon
・ Any act that hinders the operation of this salon
・ Act of posting contact information other than in the prescribed position.
(Please contact for details)
・ Acts leading to external content
(Example: Please see external homepage and contents)
・ Act to prompt confirmation of regular holidays on the website
※ If you need to take a break each time, please write "Irregular holidays".
・ Act of writing contact information other than in the specified location
・ The act of exposing valuable information to the user

【Content of search results】

This salon automatically searches for store information posted on the website and creates results.
This salon does not check the contents displayed as search results other than the purpose of category classification.
The salon does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, legality, morality, copyright, etc. of the information displayed as search results.

【Contact by email】

When a user makes an inquiry to the store introduced at this salon from the dedicated form, only if they have agreed in advance, the store in question or a store with similar conditions, from this site to the user's e-mail address, Direct mail such as coupons may be sent.


Copyright on nail layout, design and structure belongs to this site.
It is forbidden to reflect the website and search results page of this salon, the website design, images and photos posted on the website, and to reformat and display the search results.


The relationship between the customer and this salon shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
Should a lawsuit arise between the customer and this salon, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction court of first instance.

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November 21, 2019

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