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First Nail [Q & A] Nail Salon and Gel Nail

QWhat is a nail salon?
AThis salon specializes in general care for nails. There are also salons where you can do gel nails, sculptures (artificial nails), and manicure. Not only nail decorations but also hand and foot care menus are available.
QWhat types of nails are available in nail salons?
AThere are three main types: gel nails, polish (manicure), and sculptures. There is also a “nail tip” that can be easily removed, so you can enjoy nails only for one day.
QCan I go to a nail salon without making a reservation?
AThe procedure can be performed without reservation, but it may be refused depending on the congestion of the salon. Those who make reservations in advance will guide you smoothly. Advance reservations are required at this salon, which requires complete reservation.
QIs there anything you need to do before going to the nail salon?
ANo special preparation is required. Let's come to the store as it is, without cutting or shaving your nails.
QShould I decide on the design before going to the nail salon?
AWhile looking at the catalog, you can decide the design on the day of the treatment. However, if you imagine colors and tastes in advance, the treatment on the day will proceed smoothly.

Q & A about gel nail

QWhat is Gel Nail?
AA gel nail is a nail that is made by applying a synthetic resin called "gel" to the nails and hardening the gel with a special UV light. It is characterized by good color development, gloss and long lasting nails.
QWhat is the difference between gel nail and nail polish?
AThe components of the liquid, the way to dry and remove the nail are different. Manicures are allowed to dry naturally, while gel nails use UV light to harden the nails. Gel nails are also characterized by hardening in about 2 to 3 minutes.
QHow long does it take to do gel nails?
AThe treatment time varies depending on the design of the gel nail. For a typical design, let's look at it for about 60 to 120 minutes. If you have an appointment after the treatment, it is safe to check at the time of booking.
QHow much does it cost to use gel nails?
AGel nail prices vary by region, salon and design. If you have a simple design, you can operate from 3,000 yen level.
QHow long do you have gel nails?
AIt generally lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on individual differences and design.
QIs it okay to do water work such as cooking after doing gel nails?
AThere is no problem doing water work. Wearing rubber gloves is recommended because nails last longer.
QDo nails hurt when I do gel nails?
ALike nail polish, nails ache when compared to pristine. If you are careful to change the hair at the proper frequency and avoid forcible turning off (removal), you will not have to worry about damaging your nails more than necessary.
QCan gel nails be turned off (removed) by myself?
ASince gel nails are only strong, turning them off takes time and effort. Self-off can damage your nails, so it's best to turn off with a nail salon snail.
QIs it okay to cut gel nails by myself?
ADon't cut with a nail clipper, but use a nail file. If you cut your nails, there will be a gap between your nails and your nails. If moisture or moisture accumulates in the gaps, the bacteria can multiply and cause nail mold.
QHow long do I need to drop or replace gel nails?
ALet's do off or replacement in about 3 weeks. Frequent replacement can hurt your nails. Conversely, leaving too much can cause nail mold. As there is individual difference, please talk at the time of treatment.
QMy nails are thin, can I do gel nails?
AGel nails can be made even with thin nails. You may be able to reinforce your nails by using gel nails. However, it depends on the condition of your nails, so please consult with our salon first.
QMy nails are short, can I do gel nails?
AEven if your nails are short, you can still do gel nails. There are many designs that are perfect for short nails, and it is possible to extend the length with artificial nails called sculptures.
QDoes UV light that cures the gel cause spots?
AThe possibility of spots is extremely low. The UV light emitted from the UV light is weaker than the UV light that is received on a daily basis. If you apply sunscreen in advance, you can feel more secure.
QDo you need to keep doing gel nails once?
AYou don't have to keep doing it, but you can stop when you want and resume when you want. Nail salons also offer menus that are only off, so please use it if you want to interrupt your nails.